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27 января 2017 Производители товаров для творчества на выставке «СКРЕПКА ЭКСПО. Весна 2017». Выпуск №17
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26 января 2017 Знакомимся с первыми пятью участниками - звездами морского ART SHOW
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24 января 2017 Отраслевой канцелярский музей на выставке "Скрепка Экспо.Весна 2017"
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20 января 2017 Отечественные производители школьных ранцев, рюкзаков, спортивных и молодежных сумок на выставке "Скрепка Экспо". Выпуск №16
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13 января 2017 Поздравляем со Старым Новым Годом!
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XVII International specialized exhibition of writing and office equipment and business –conference “Skrepka Expo”

We gladly would like to invite You to take part in the XVII International specialized exhibition of writing and office equipment and business –conference “Skrepka Expo”, which takes place on September, 18- September, 20- 2012 at International Exhibition Center “Crocus Expo”, pavilion №2, hall№5.

This exhibition is organized with the support of the Association of Producers and Suppliers of Writing and Office equipment (APKOR) and with the partnership of International Exhibition Center “Crocus Expo” and mutual organizer «China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition».

About exhibition

The exhibition “Skrepka Expo” is the largest Russian b2b arena for specialists of writing and school equipment, materials for hobby and creation, goods for office, souvenir production, special goods for office etc. You can find not only all the “what s new on the market”- products, but also search and maintain new contacts for developing and supporting your business.
There is a wide range of different business events which will take place at the exhibition, including, business conferences, master classes, presentations, seminars, trainings and participation of governmental organizations.

About business conference

Specialized business- conference is called “Market of writing and office equipment: perspectives of development”.
The participation in this business- conference gives the following opportunities of discussing main problems of this industry, exchanging positive experience with other professionals, achieving different business goals. All specialists of this industry and other interested industries are invited to participate.

Main sections of exhibition

• Paper and paper goods
• Writing accessories
• School equipment
• Writing accessories for kids
• Goods for hobby and creation
• Souvenir products
• Greating products
• Stamp equipment
• Equipment for learning and demonstration
• Office accessories
• Business accessories and equipment


In spring of 2012, 219 companies took part in the exhibition. 8 793 specialists from 22 different countries, such as Russia (more than 50% of the Russian visitors were from regions), Belorussia, Germany, Turkey, China, India, France, Japan, Great Britain, Spain, Italy etc. visited the 12 000 sq. m. exhibition.


The main audience of the exhibition is professionals of the writing and office industry, souvenir production etc. Their main goal is to find new suppliers for their production on good terms and conditions ( more than 85% of the visitors are involved in purchasing)

Main advantages of exhibition “Skrepka Expo”

• Find new markets of purchasing
• Connection with major audience
• No registration fee
• Constant technical and information support of the visitors
• Additional support in hotel, visa and transport reservation
• Program of making appointments MatchMaking
• 100% guarantee

More information on, please stay in touch

Bonus and discounts

• «For the one who is early»
• «Lucky beginners»
• «Thank you for your constancy»
• «Together is better»
• «Better than your competitor has»

More information on, please be in touch

Prices (Prices of year 2011)

No registration fee required
1 sq. m. of non- equipment area (without stand construction) costs 200 euro
1 sq. m. of equipment area (including stand construction) costs 260 euro
No additional area fee required
Additional fee for 2floor: 30 %
All prices include VAT 18%

Visiting of exhibition

• Tickets for specialists are free (only registration is needed via, ticket is in commercial release)
• Also You can buy tickets to visit International Exhibition Center “Crocus Expo” (price is 500 rub)

We invite all the potential partners to join the XVII International specialized exhibition of writing and office equipment and business –conference “Skrepka Expo”

If you have any questions, please feel free to communicate

Management of «Skrepka Expo»:
Tel: +7 495 648 9138, +7 495 789 9380
Dmitry Sosnin, Maria Afanasieva

Official media partners: и

Information support:
• Office file
• Бумага ИД «ИНФО ОЛ»
• Лидер МАПП
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• Мир выставок ИД «Новые известия»
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• Современные технологии делопроизводства и документооборота
• Секретариат в вопросах и ответах
• P&B (Бельгия)

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